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Obligatory Tuesday Knitting Post

A new first tonight... I actually completed an entire project at tonight's Stitch and Bitch. Given, giant yarn, giant needles, and tiny project yield instant gratification in the knitting world. But sometimes that's just what ya need, right? It was the lunchtime-quickie of knitting projects. (God help me for making sex-related knitting metaphors.)

I knit this "warmer" which makes a really nifty no-fuss scarf thanks to about an inch of mindless seaming. (No, that's not the picture of the one I made. It's the pic from the free pattern on knitpixie.

I knit it from my ultra-cheapo yarn from Tuesday Morning. (I actually have four more skeins of this that I have no idea what to do with. Perhaps four more warmers? Anyone want a Christmas present?)


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