So this is next


Relocating, again.

Hi folks. All none of you. Hope you are well.

I've had an uber-shitty day, and the end result is a full-on resolution to get back to blogging. In my crazy little head it's the only thing that might make me feel a tad better.

So, since I redesigned it a while ago, I'd like to welcome all of you back to the original:
Magnolia Coffee

If, perchance, I get a digital camera for my birthday, this site will turn into my knitting blog, which probably interests no one, but the day-to-day-heather-business will be at the old site.

Thanks for your time and attention.


The plague of the knit-blogger

I am intensely frustrated with the fact that I'll never really be a knit-blogger. My progress is amazingly slow, and I'm in complete and total awe of the knitters who have new, interesting things to post every day.

Even if I posted a backlog of all my previous FO's, I'd run out of material before the new year.

Pitiful. Just pitiful.


As requested

I got one (lonely) request as to what I've been up to. Here's some knitting, since that's pretty much all I've been doing (aside from working like a maniac).

I'm working on a fair isle cardigan based on the pattern from CosmicPlutoKnits. (I'm too lazy to link. You can always google.) Hopefully the process will speed up now that I'm done with the majority of the color work.

The body and sleeves are going to be primarily gray, with another smaller section of fair isle at both the bottom of the body and the sleeves, perhaps in only the heathered purple, or maybe in both the purple and the pink.

My apologies for the poor quality of the pics. My Palm camera isn't the best, and the cloudy day didn't help any either.



Obligatory Tuesday Knitting Post

A new first tonight... I actually completed an entire project at tonight's Stitch and Bitch. Given, giant yarn, giant needles, and tiny project yield instant gratification in the knitting world. But sometimes that's just what ya need, right? It was the lunchtime-quickie of knitting projects. (God help me for making sex-related knitting metaphors.)

I knit this "warmer" which makes a really nifty no-fuss scarf thanks to about an inch of mindless seaming. (No, that's not the picture of the one I made. It's the pic from the free pattern on knitpixie.

I knit it from my ultra-cheapo yarn from Tuesday Morning. (I actually have four more skeins of this that I have no idea what to do with. Perhaps four more warmers? Anyone want a Christmas present?)


So so sleepy

Worked from 9 to 9 today. Whoever invented the 9 to 5 cliche should have also supplied an easily memorizable list of what jobs actually fit those criteria. I have yet to find one. In my next life, I hope to be a banker or postal employee. Or a black lab. I'd be happy with any of that.

Now that fall is here, I miss him almost constantly. It hurts to go outside. The second I feel the cooler air on my skin I calculate the temperature difference in my head. The distance between here and there. How much work I would miss if I didn't go home, and drove to him instead. How long it would take them to fire me. Whether or not I'd even care.


Let's see if this can happen again.

Life is strange right now. It's the part of the movie where the heroine strolls down the poorly lit street in the cold/rain/scary dark, and we are all waiting for something important to happen. But it doesn't happen. Not then, at least. It's only a walk. A walk to somewhere unimportant. A kitschy apartment, a bookstore, the market. She goes to bed, she has a cup of coffee, she buys a tomato.

The narrative equivalent of a teetering display of cans of green beans has been laid out before us, but no one has ventured to pull a can from the bottom of the stack. Not just yet.

For a moment the tower stands, undisturbed.