So this is next


The plague of the knit-blogger

I am intensely frustrated with the fact that I'll never really be a knit-blogger. My progress is amazingly slow, and I'm in complete and total awe of the knitters who have new, interesting things to post every day.

Even if I posted a backlog of all my previous FO's, I'd run out of material before the new year.

Pitiful. Just pitiful.


As requested

I got one (lonely) request as to what I've been up to. Here's some knitting, since that's pretty much all I've been doing (aside from working like a maniac).

I'm working on a fair isle cardigan based on the pattern from CosmicPlutoKnits. (I'm too lazy to link. You can always google.) Hopefully the process will speed up now that I'm done with the majority of the color work.

The body and sleeves are going to be primarily gray, with another smaller section of fair isle at both the bottom of the body and the sleeves, perhaps in only the heathered purple, or maybe in both the purple and the pink.

My apologies for the poor quality of the pics. My Palm camera isn't the best, and the cloudy day didn't help any either.